Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Kansas City Area Patch

To the right is an image of a proof-of-concept for a patch. As I've stated in a few other places this is an image that I created for another purpose and wanted to see what it looked like as a patch.

It is 3x3" round, 75% Embroidery and runs $2.00 + SASE.

I haven't ordered them, yet, as I would like some additional feed-back. Please comment here or e-mail me: watcher.letterboxing@hotmail.com

Monday, July 2, 2007

Event Update

I have been trying to keep the Event Listing/Agenda (see post for May 19, 2007) updated to reflect ideas that are coming in. Please know it is all flexible.

The main idea is to have an excuse to get together to share ideas, learn from each other, exchange stamps, go 'boxing together, sit back and do some chitchatting and show support for the hobby/art/sport of Letterboxing.

  1. There will be boxes hidden for this event. The clues will be distributed to those who have contacted me or signed up prior to the event and will also be on site for those who decide to come at the last minute or who leave their clues behind.
  2. The boxes hidden for this event may or may not remain, it depends on their hiding places.
  3. Egg-Hunt style boxes will be placed around the event area for younger boxers.
  4. Crafts and workshops will be available for those who choose to participate. If you have an idea, please let me know, if you would be willing to lead a workshop that would be terrific!
  5. Potluck will be set out for grazing, most likely, rather than for a set meal time, but this is just an idea.
  6. Dinner will be BBQ and Potluck (what is left over).
  7. Group Picture
  8. Event Stamp & Book
  9. Town Hall Meeting/Discussion (if there is interest).

My e-mail address is: watcher.letterboxing@hotmail.com if you would like to contact me. Feel free to leave comments here, as well.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

KC Urban Event Update

OK, I think the agenda that is listed below for the KC Urban Event will probably remain unchanged (though, again, just a guideline), I'd only like to add a caveat that I will make the clues available to the boxes prior to and all day during the gathering so that people can decide if they want to come to the park first or at all or if they just want to spend the day 'boxing. Or come and go as one likes without feeling there is a real schedule to adhere to.

I know it's a ways down the road on the calendar, but I'm looking forward to it. If the hiding places I find for the Lboxes appear safe enough, they may remain available for a period of time or indefinitely...just depends.

Some of the Lboxes that will be planted for this event are:

  1. Shakespeare in the park,
  2. Winsteads,
  3. Plaza Lights,
  4. Vets Remembered
  5. Rah Rah 'roos!
  6. Badminton Anyone?
  7. Dolls, Marbles and Bears, oh my!
  8. Discover
  9. A Picnic
  10. Loose Tea Time

...that's me for now...

Sunday, May 20, 2007

KC Event Contact Information

Perdu is making a list of those who have expressed interest in attending KC events, like the one on Sept. 15, '07.

If you would like to be on that list, please send an e-mail to Perdu at: Watcher.Letterboxing@hotmail.com

Updates and reminders will be sent so that you know what's happening.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

UPDATED: 1st Hopefully Annual KC L-Boxing Event

LBox Clues will be made available a few days before the event. If you are on my list I'll send you an e-mail with the clues attached.
I'll also have plenty of clue packets on-site during the event so you can come and go as you like.
September 15, 2007
Loose Park
Wornall Road and 51st Street
We'll be in street-fair type tent-pavilions near the playground.

9:00 a.m. Set-up (We may set up pot-luck in a graze style rather than a set time so that people can come and go when ever they'd like.)

10:00 a.m. Start Time – Event Book & Stamp will be available for Stamping In, as will clues to the boxes hidden for the event. If you would like to create a box and hide it or have me hide it let me know and I will include your box/clues in the packet. It will be time to meet, greet and exchange, get the lay of the land and details of the day.

11:00 – 1:00 p.m. Box On! and/or enjoy the park and/or attend a Workshop on Logbook-making, (hosted by McMonkey Mom).

1:00 – 2:30 p.m. Potluck available for lunch

2:30 p.m. Group Picture

3:00 – 6:30 p.m. Boxing Continues as well as Workshop* (on Pouch Sewing/Making. )
6:30 p.m. Group Picture (Yes, a second chance).

6:30 – 8:00 p.m. Dinner (Potluck + BBQ) and Town Hall Meeting/Discussion - "Lb Matters" (this may move to an earlier time of the day or eliminated if there is no interest).

8:00 – 9:00 p.m. Boxing, Continue Discussion, Workshop* (on Orienteering/Compass Reading, Clue Writing, Ciphers or other helpful LB skill.)

10:00p.m. Park Closes

*Any volunteers for a workshop/seminar/demonstration for these or other helpful Lb topic?

Also, if anyone has any ideas, that would be terrific, too.
Any suggestions greatly appreciated.
Since this is a Kansas City Event; Jazz/Blues will be playing in the background and we'll Barbecue for dinner...I mean...again...Kansas City...c'mon, right?